Prevent a fraud with your address (It’s very common)

Block address change

The fraud with your address is so ubiquitous Skatteverket built a digital solution to prevent it

Fraudsters changing a person’s home address in order to hijack that person’s identity has become increasingly common in recent years. The Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket has created the possibility to block unauthorised persons from changing their address. You can choose to have only changes of address made with an e-ID such as BankId or Freja-ID accepted. This reduces the risk of someone using your personal data for fraud and identity theft. Only you can activate or remove the block.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone unauthorised uses your ID, passwords, personal identity number or mobile banking ID to, for example, order goods or take out loans in your name. It is also known as identity theft, identity hijacking or identity theft and is a form of fraud.

What should you do if you discover that someone unauthorised has changed your address?

Contact the Skatteverket Information Centre on 0771-567 567. Also report it to the police and keep a copy of the report (You’ll need it!).

More information can be found on Skatteverket’s website.

How to prevent a fraud with your address?

Screenshot Sketteverket website Page: address block

Best way to prevent a fraud with your address is to lock your address at Skatteverket. On Skatteverket website, you will find an option to block unauthorised change of your address address.  Once you set this option at Skatteverket and Addressändering, you prevent unauthorised people from changing your address (and forwarding your mail to another address).

When the block is activated, only changes of address made with an e-ID in the Tax Agency’s e-services for Notification of Moving or Special Postal Address will be accepted. This reduces the risk of someone using your personal data for fraud and identity theft. Blocking an unauthorised change of address can only be done via this e-service.

Here is how to do it

It is free and easy to do. Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be done in few minutes.

1) Open and search for: Spärra obehörig adressändring or follow the dirct link.

2) Log in to Skatteverket using your e-ID.

3) Select the option: Spärra obehörig adressändring

Block address change Sweden

4) Click: Nästa

5) Sign the change in your e-ID.

6) Done! Great job strengthening your identity protection.

One thing to keep in mind: Family members who are registered with you can still change your address if they use e-ID. 

When you move next time...

If you are moving house and have blocked your address for unauthorised change of address, you must notify the move to Skatteverket digitally again. Do not send in paper forms.

The address block only applies for Skatteverket

Scammers can also request Adressändring to forward your mail to another address.  It is advisable to lock mail forwarding (Adresslåset) at Adressä too. To prevent someone defraud you using your address, we it is worth considering setting an address lock at  Adressändring.

What is Adressä

Adressä is a service that allows you to send your mail temporarily to another location, e.g. your vacation home. They claim the service is widely used by regular folks. However its appears that fraudsters like to use it too.

Block address changes (Adresslåset) at Adressändring

Setting an address lock is an important step to secure your mail address and prevent a fraud with your address.

Address lock is a free service for private individuals where, with the help of the digital ID verification system BankID, you lock your address so that only you can change your address, forward or store your mail, no one else.

You can order an address lock directly on their website.  Unfortunately it is not possible to set an address lock without providing Adressändring with your phone number and email. In our humble view, this policy is adding an insult to the injury. We therefore do not recommend using Adressändring. 

At, we strongly recommend to practise data minimization as a your personal data protection strategy. This means avoid providing any business with more data than they need to carry out their mission. Many data-greedy businesses claim to provide you with some added benefit in exchange for your personal data.

Most businesses are not very good at protecting data. There are serious hacks on a weekly basis.  Sharing your personal data with third parties or selling it is ubiquitous.  Therefore data minimization is important. The less data anyone got on you, the better.



Protect yourself from fraud with your address with a digital mailbox

Having a secure digital mailbox for government mail is another step to strengthen your privacy protection in Sweden. The service is free and you get your government mails digitally (It is quicker than regular mail) and more environmentally friendly. 

More information about digital mailbox for government mail can be found in Swedish here. More info about it on our blog.

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