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After purchasing a privacy service, you authorize us to request removal of your personal data and search engine links.

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Questions people have asked about our privacy service

Companies must by law reply to our request for data subject-related requests within 30 days. Once all companies have replied to us, you will be notified about the outcome.

We request the data removal from six information services websites (, Mrkoll,,, and

We also request Google and Bing search engines to remove links to websites containing your personal data?


Family plans include requests to remove personal data for two adults living in the same household.

Yes. Our Privacy plan includes requests to Google and Bing search engines to remove URLs that link websites containing your personal data. Google and Bing search engine account for over 9o% of search requests in Europe.

Every individual is different and leave slightly different traces online.

Search yourself online using your name and/or place where you live or a combination of keyword you might be associated with.

You will most-likely find a myriad URLs that link to websites with your personal information.

We strongly recommend to request removal from websites that publish sensitive information such as address, phone number etc. Privacy of such data is inherently linked to personal safety.