How to delete my personal data from

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How to delete your personal data from

In our step-by-step guide, you can usually learn how you can delete your personal data, such as your phone number, address, and birthday from an internet directory. The bad news upfront: It´s not possible to do this for MrKoll, so let us talk about a workaround.

What is Mrkoll?

To start with, let´s take a look at their business. The website provides access to information about businesses and individuals. They gather and present information from various sources and they claim to be the most complete search service on the internet for individuals and businesses, as well as telephone numbers that come directly from the operators themselves. 

At a first glance, it might seem kind of them to offer such a service. But as it is free, you and your personal data are the product. They sell your data to third parties. Also with every view of their pages, they are likely to get additional revenue from advertisers and increasingly affiliates on their site.

You might think your data was protected by law, but unfortunately, this is not the case here. The company operating MrKoll, Nusvar AB holds a publication certificate, which means that your rights through data protection laws, like GDPR, are being undermined, and your personal data unprotected.

Below you can see how people rate MrKoll’s reputation on Trustpilot. At the time of writing this post, there are 161 reviews about MrKoll, and 94% of those reviews are negative. Multiple reviews link MrKoll to scams targeting businesses.

Screenshot trustpilot website about MrKoll's rating by users

You can find the latest reviews about MrKoll here.

Guide: How to remove your personal information from MrKoll

As for now, deleting your own personal data from MrKoll is not possible. MrKoll has an extreme and radical approach to personal data requests. It is broadly based on creating inconvenience for the data subject.

Workaround: Suppliers of MrKoll

As stated above, deleting your own personal data from MrKoll is not possible. However, the website of MrKoll is run on the infrastructure of Cloudflare. Cloudflare describes themselves as a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable.

Register a complaint with Cloudflare

Your can write up your own version of complains (which is always preferable). If you don’t have time/nerve, feel free to use the complaint copy below.

The company Nusvar AB who operates publishes my own sensitive, personally-identifiable information — including contact information, like a phone number, email address, or home address without my consent (the data subject).

Upon request, Nusvar AB does not delete the personal data indefinitely. Instead they will only temporarily hide the delivery address. After some time, they re-publish the address again.

I am asking you for two things:

1) Please cancel this business relationship and STOP Providing CDN and/or hosting services for Nusvar AB business. Using Cloudflare, Nusvar AB obscures who the hosting provider is. As such Cloudflare is complicit in helping Nusvar AB abuse personal data on an industrial scale.

Nusvar AB personal data handling practice is a clear breach of their obligations and handling of personal data as stipulated in Cloudflare's privacy policies.

I kindly ask you to terminate providing your valuable services to this entity as long as they don't offer people an easy way to remove their personal data from the website indefinitely.

2) As your service is obscuring who the hosting provider is, I (as a data subject) kindly ask you to communicate to me which company hosts this website (and discloses my personal data to the public).

As a data subject I'd like to see a substantial action to either nudge your client to implement a respectful policies or end the business relationship with them.

Thank you for your kind consideration

Please leave a comment in the comment section here if you reported abuse to cloudflare.

Don't stop there

MrKoll has a hardcore stance on using your personal data. The Swedish law is on his side. You can’t expect a quick win and one complaint wont rocket the boat.

In the footer section of Cloundflare’s website, you can find their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. If you have accounts there, leave comments with your complaint.

Bonus: When you complain, use the same hashtags Cloudflare uses to promote themselves.

Need help to protect your personal data?

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