How to delete my personal data from deleted

In this article you will learn how to delete your personal data from

You don´t like the fact that your data, like birthdate, address
and phone number, are openly displayed for the whole world? Just think about it: When you are a Swedish citizen, literally everybody across the globe has access to your personal data via internet.

Even though your data is public by default, we will show you what you can do about it in this step-by-step guide:

Step 1

Open will take you to the page where you can hide either parts or all of your information.

Choose “Jag vill inte synas på” if you want to hide your information completely. 

Step 2

Then search for yourself (via name, phone number or address) and click on the “Ta bort” button next to your data.

Step 3

Now you need to identify yourself with your BankID.

Without BankID, you cannot change or delete your data online.

No BankID? No problem

In case you have no BankID, you can send a copy of your passport or another valid identification to and ask them to hide your information.

You can contact by email:

And here is their postal address:

Hittapunktse AB
St. Eriksgatan 121D

Additionally, you could contact Google and other search engines and ask them to delete “your page” from the search results. 

All in all, is one of the very few who make it comparably easy for you to hide your data. If you prefer to get some help, we can do it for you. Check out our plans for more details about the different options and pricing.

You want to know more about how works with integrity? You can read about it here (in Swedish):

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