Our story

Three concerned citizens turned privacy and online safety experts with a legal advisor on our side. We care deeply about privacy and online safety.

Together we fight back

Why we built MyPrivacy

Respect privacy

MyPrivacy.se is our reaction to businesses that flatly refuse to respect our fundamental human right to personal data protection.

Sharing is helping

Friends made us realize that our knowledge is helpful. MyPrivacy.se is a way of sharing our knowledge and helping you take action.

Change is needed

We challenge current practices on every level. Thank you for being part of our privacy movement.

MyPrivacy is for you

Get a privacy expert

You are privacy-concerned

You who wants to ensure your safety and assets.

You understand risks

You who understands the risk of having your personal data exposed worldwide, giving fraudsters unrestricted access to it.

You take action

You are a person of action. You worry if you don’t take care of things. Usually, it’s You who makes the difference.

Privacy is a human right
Our view

Data rights are human rights*

Big data is the new oil. Protecting your personal data is protecting your rights. We believe in transparency while preserving privacy.

* United Nations

Our vision for privacy

Personal Data handled in a fair way

We believe that aal entities must handle personal data in a fair way. This means 5 fundamental rights to personal data:

  • Consent of the data subject;
  • Processed confidentiality;
  • Processed with safeguards to protect the security of personal data.
  • Transparent but fair (when someone looks up your data or sells it, you get notified);
  • Right to object and to be forgotten

MyPrivacy respects your privacy​

Consents & Cookies

We don't use cookies to track you individually (as most websites do).

Privacy-Preserving Analytics

We analyse MyPrivacy without collecting your individual data and sending to third parties.

We track the trackers

The only thing we track is business practices that abuse our users right to integrity of their personal data.

How we help you restore your privacy