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Reliable, attentive , understanding
Reliable, attentive , understanding
A client from Malmö, Swedn
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MyPrivacy will go out of their way to make sure your job is done. They got good customer service and I would recommend them any time because they are trustworthy.
Your privacy is in good hands”.

How much of your data is public?

In addition to anything you publish on social media, the government publishes the complete population register in Sweden by default. Population data is used by businesses, often to make one’s life convenient. But a number of internet directories publish highly-sensitive personal data without your consent.

Threats don't stay online

Having personal data online is a risk. Marketers will shower you in ad campaigns. Fraudsters take advantage of data transparency to create a more credible scams. Criminals prey on vulnerable people.

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The more other people know about you, the more they can try to figure out what you're going to do next and try to interfere with that.

Carissa Véliz, Author of the book "Privacy Is Power"