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Your personal data is publicly available without your consent​

Ever wondered why your personal data is online despite GDRP? Businesses in Sweden use your personal data ubiquitously without your consent.

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transparency in sweden

Why is my personal data online?

The government publishes the complete population register by default. Population data is used by businesses, mostly to make our life in Sweden convenient. However some internet directories publish your personal data without your consent. At the same time, some make it tricky for you to exercise your rights over your data.

They publish your personal data such as:

Am I at Risk?

What could go wrong?

Having personal data online is a risk. Marketers target you with ad campaigns. Criminals prey on vulnerable people. For fraudsters data transparency is a handy tool.

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The more other people know about you, the more they can try to figure out what you're going to do next and try to interfere with that.

Carissa Véliz, Author of "Privacy Is Power"

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